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Google chrome is most widely used and everyone’s favorite web browse. Its popular among the users due to its better than all performance,  minimal design and user friendly User-Interface and most important feature which is you can easily sync your chrome data across multiple devices.

It comes with many more useful features like multiple user profiles, chrome cast, incognito mode and the reason I like Chrome more than any other browser is it comes very handy for web developers like me because of developer tools bundled with it.

Usage share of desktop browsers for May 2017 (Wikipedia)

Source Chrome IE Firefox Safari Edge Others
NetMarketShare 59.36% 17.55% 11.98% 3.56% 5.63% 1.91%
StatCounter 63.36% 9.2% 14.17% 5.25% 3.74% 4.28%
W3Counter 58.1% 6.9% 9% 14.9% 2.9% 3%

Why chrome’s standalone installer is useful?

Well, if you are landed on this website organically then this question shouldn’t be in your mind because you already know how the standalone installer comes handy 🙂

The answer is very straight forward, when you have to install Google Chrome on a computer having slow internet connection or on more than one computer then it will take a more time + bandwidth, the standalone installer comes handy in this case. Just download the offline installer package once and install it on multiple computers without the need of an active internet connection.

What’s the purpose of this website?

After feeling the absence of an easy way which could help internet users to easily find and download the most popular (no doubt) web browser, that is Chrome by Google, this website was built to fill the gap.

How this website works?

This website simply provides you the link to download the Google Chrome Standalone installer directly from Google’s server. In fact, it does redirect users to that page for making your download process satisfactory!

Support this free service?

If you like this service please make sure you share the website with relevant people and for donation related queries please ping us at the email address provided at the end of this page.

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